#YogaPantChallenge with Depend® Active Fit

Take the Yoga Pant Challenge and see if you can tell the difference!

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One of the less glamorous things about being a woman is that often times after we go through pregnancy and give birth, our bladders don’t always spring back to their old selves. I was fortunate to make it through pregnancy without “leaks”, but in the following years I’ve encountered my share of stress incontinence. Whether it be an ill-timed sneeze or a coughing fit from my yearly bout of bronchitis, I need to be prepared no matter the time or place.

I’m a huge yoga fan. I belong to a studio a few blocks from my house, and love ending my work week with an hour of restorative yoga every Friday night. Now, incontinence briefs and yoga pants don’t really mix – let’s be honest. A big bulky pad and tight pants? No way. So trust me, I was skeptical when the folks from Depend® Active Fit asked me to do the Yoga Pant Challenge. They said that you wouldn’t be able to tell if someone was actually wearing their Active Fit briefs under yoga pants. Yeah, right!

No, seriously. They were right. In fact, when I had my husband help me taking these pictures, I didn’t tell him which time I had the Depend® Active Fit briefs on, and he had no idea which was which.
yoga pant challenge 2
Available at Walmart, these briefs are so smooth under your activewear, no one will every know you have them on. You can continue on with your active lifestyle without being held back by incontinence issues. Made of cotton like fabric in both black and beige with the protection you’ve come to expect from Depend®, they have such a slim fit even YOU will have a hard time remembering you have them on! I’m considering wearing them on my next run, as occasionally I deal with stress incontinence during them.

So, here’s the side by side photo of me in my absolute favorite leggings. Can you tell in which one I’m wearing the Depend® Active Fit brief? Leave a comment with your guess!
yoga pant challenge 1
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