Repeat Delivery by Petco! #PetcoDelivers

Petco makes keeping your furbuddy happy easy with their new Repeat Delivery service!

This blog post is part of a paid Megan Media and Petco Repeat Delivery blogging program. The opinions and ideas expressed here are my own.

As the busy working mom of 3 amazing kitties, one problem I have time and time again is remembering to buy more food. My husband feeds the cats their dry food in the morning before I get up, and then I feed them wet food. I have a pretty good handle on how much wet food we have, but I often get a call mid-day from my husband saying “we’re out of cat food, can you pick some up?”. Some days I just don’t have time! So, when I heard about the Petco Repeat Delivery service, I knew that it would be so beneficial to our family!
repeat delivery 2

Scheduling is easy! Choose your product, select repeat delivery and set your schedule. Great examples of how to set up repeat delivery are available right on the website:

repeat delivery

It took me about 2 minutes to set everything up, and the visual example was very helpful. What’s really awesome is, if you sign up for repeat delivery you’ll receive up to 20% off certain items for your pet and receive a $30 eGift Card with any purchase over $39. You’ll have to sign up by April 30, 2016 to take advantage of this, and some exclusions apply – the promotional eGift cards are not valid on donations, backordered items, or the purchase of another Petco eGift Card or physical Petco Gift Card. The value of the promotional eGift card is applied to the total purchase, including tax and shipping.

I ordered wet food for our cats. I’m very picky about what kind of food they eat, and Petco is one of the places that carries what I feed them. I did the math and figured out that this would be a 6 week supply for them, and set up my repeat delivery to ship to me in another 6 weeks. Trust me, a morning without wet food in our house drives these crazies to consider digging their own graves because they think we’re starving them.
repeat delivery 3

It only took a few days for our delicious noms to arrive, and Tulo and Dharma were so excited (for the food or the box? We might never know which is more exciting).
repeat delivery 4

repeat delivery 5

Now that I have the wet food set up for Repeat Delivery, I need to set it up for their dry food. Of course I won’t find out that we need it until they’ve scarfed down the last morsel and my husband calls me at noon to tell me we’re out… now if only I could shop for better communication skills for him!

Do you have pets? Would this delivery service make your life easier?

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