Pillow forts and popcorn #PopSecretForts

Thanks to Pop Secret for sponsoring today’s discussion!

I work a lot. I’m a 40-hour-a-week work-outside-the-home mom (that’s a lot of hyphens). So, when the weekend finally arrives I’m ready to run errands, go to swimming lessons, clean the house, wash the car, do laundry, clean up after everyone have some fun!

Weeknights are busy with homework, finishing my charting, getting things ready for the next morning, and bathtime. With the sun going down around 5pm, it doesn’t leave much time for playing outside, either. So when the weekend rolls around we try to find some time to have fun. My daughter is 6, so she loves to play board games, with her American Girl, puzzles, and build hideouts to hang out with her My Little Ponies.

This weekend, despite the weather actually being pretty awesome, we decided to have some fun in the morning by building a pillow fort out of the sofa cushions and we let her have some PopSecret popcorn as a low cal treat. She hid in there for a good hour munching away and watching a movie on her tablet. After her movie, I heard her playing with her Ponies. Overall, her pillow fort party lasted over two hours! For a fast paced kid like her, that’s a long time! We were able to shampoo some of our carpets AND I was able to get some laundry done. Who can beat a fun kids activity like that?! The pillow fort was so easy to make, just propping up cushions from the sofa including two across the top and draping the front with a blanket for maximum privacy! Even the cat got in on the fun (he later went inside to snuggle with her while she played)
Pop Secret Pillow Fort Popcorn Fun
Did you know that you can submit photos of your own pillow fort fun to the PopSecret Facebook page with the hashtag #PopSecretForts to be eligible to win some cool PopSecret prizes? While you’re there, grab their coupon for $1 off 2 packs of PopSecret popcorn. Everyone wins! Pillow fort fun for your little ones, and a yummy snack for all.

Where will your child’s imagination take them? Take advantage of the cold, snowy winter days to make your own pillow fort to find out! And don’t forget to download your own PopSecret coupon to add some tasty treats to your fun!