Kushyfoot legwear

Product was received to facilitate this review. Opinions are my own.

Kushyfoot foot coverings recently reached out to me to see if I would be interested in checking out their new lines of foot coverings. Yes, foot coverings. Kushyfoot is more than socks and tights, they also offer many options to fit your lifestyle and the shoes you wear.

They have your usual trouser socks, knee highs, anklets and tights, but besides that they carry a wide variety of products for your feet.

The foot covers work with your favorite dressy shoes, even peep toes! Keeping your feet protected in any style of dress shoe:

They even have cushioned athletic foot covers with cushioned insoles and arch support. These are great for those of us who like wearing Chucks or other canvas sneakers that don’t necessarily have a lot of arch support or cushioning!
kushyfoot 2

The Flats to Go are the signature Kushyfoot line – they’re light and foldable ballerina type foot coverings that you can carry along with you in your purse or gym bag after a long day on your feet. They’re best for indoor use or occasional outdoor wear (on a patio or deck, or other smooth surface) and come in 3 sizes that should fit most.
kushyfoot 3

Besides these 3 practical foot coverings, Kushyfoot offers your more traditional tights, trouser socks and athletic and casual socks. They also have a number of options for mens socks. Prices vary depending on style, but a 6 pack of foot covers are under $26, and the Flats to Go are $9.99. All products are available on Kushyfoot.com with free shipping on orders over $40.