#FreeToBe a busy mom with all free clear

Thanks to all free clear for sponsoring today’s discussion and inspiring me to try all free clear.

If there’s one thing that defines me, it’s “busy”. I’m busy. I work full time. I’m a mom. I run a blog. My kid has skating and swimming lessons. I try to plan time for me to do yoga and run. I have 3 cats. I try to keep my house clean. But one of the things I hate trying to stay on top of is laundry.

If you’re a mom, you know laundry is never ending, and there’s also a good chance someone in your house has some sort of fragrance or skin sensitivities. That’s definitely true in my house, with my daughter having eczema. Because of this, it’s important to me to use a dermatologist recommended detergent to minimize her irritation caused by the clothes she wears. All free clear fits the bill for me, and because of this, it actually frees up time in my schedule that I don’t have to worry about treating her sensitive skin or making doctor visits when it gets too bad. All free clear received the National Eczema Association’s seal of approval for their detergent, dryer sheets and fabric softener. With only 9 ingredients, that’s half the ingredients of other free and clear detergents! My husband is also a fan because even before we had our daughter, he always asked me to use a fragrance free detergent because of fragrance allergies.
all free clear
We spent a long time over the past six years trying to find a detergent that worked well for my daughter, and all free clear fits the bill. I don’t have to spend time roaming the laundry aisles when I know exactly what I need.

We are a busy family. We don’t have time to be slowed down by allergies or itchiness. Because of this, I choose all free clear as our detergent. From swimsuits to skating outfits, dresses to PJs, I know I can trust it to be safe for my daughter’s skin. I use it on all of our clothes and I don’t have to worry about washing my clothes with my daughter’s, or drying my husband’s with mine. We all come out happy and it saves me time!

What will all free clear leave you free to be?

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