Jackery makes portable charging affordable and simple

If you’re on the go like we are often, you know it’s not always possible to keep your phone or other devices charged. Sure, if you’re in your car you can use your mobile charger, but what about once you’re out and about enjoying events? We’re all taking photos and texting and uploading them, not to mention making calls and checking in at locations. Even the best phone battery won’t last a full day on the go.

When Jackery reached out to me about their line of external chargers, I jumped at the chance. I wasn’t familiar with their brand, so it was a good chance to try something new. With a 30 day money back guarantee and an 18 month warranty, I knew that regardless, I wouldn’t be disappointed.

Jackery offers six portable chargers, the Fit, Air, Giant+, Leaf, Bar and Mini. They each offer different high speed charging options. I chose to check out the Jackery Giant+ because it offers dual charging, and, as often happens, both my husband’s phone and my phone need to be charged at the same time during a busy day on the go.

The Giant+ is compatible with Apple, Android, PSP, GoPro and various other devices and at 12,000 mAh power capacity, it averages 10 hours charge time. It also includes an LED flashlight which can provide light for up to 800 hours.

  • SMARTPHONES & TABLETS: Portable battery charger can be used as Samsung Galaxy S6 charger, Samsung Galaxy S5 portable charger, iPhone 6+ portable charger, iPhone 6 charger, iPhone 5 charger, iPad charger, and much more.
  • BATTERY PACK: Ultra high-capacity portable charger with dual USB ports of rechargeable battery power for simultaneous charging of your iPad, iPhone, Android devices.
  • COMPACT POWER BANK: The world’s largest capacity external battery pack and portable charger is perfect for long flights, road trips, or whenever you need to charge your iPhone, iPad, and other mobile devices.
  • POWERFUL PORTABLE CHARGER: Panasonic grade A Li-ion polymer cell and premium microchips create high-quality portable charger with 4 layers of smart safety protection circuit and lasts 500+ recharge cycles over the life of the battery.
  • EXTERNAL BATTERY: External battery package includes: Jackery Giant+ External Battery, premium Micro USB to USB 2.0 cable.

While this device isn’t tiny (it weighs 10.4 oz), it will still fit in most purses easily. We have taken it to a couple baseball games so far and after providing 3 full charges to our phones, it still shows 3 full bars of charge left. There are 3 lights which indicate how much battery life is still available. I’m pretty impressed with this, as my older (much more expensive different brand) external charger only lasts about 2 1/2 full charges and only charges one device at a time. At $29.99 (currently on sale from $39.99) this is an amazing deal. I paid more than double that for a device not even half as powerful for that in the past.

It was a bit confusing to use at first; I plugged in my phone and it didn’t start charging it. I then realized I had to press the power button on the side of the device. Also keep in mind, due to the charging capabilities of this device, allow ample time for the device to charge fully before use. Once charged, it has six month of standby capability.

Besides the Giant+, Jackery offers the following devices:

Jackery Air – thin and light and offers at least 2 full charges to your device.

Jackery Leaf – a charger case for the iPhone 5 and 5s, it provides one full charge.

Jackery Fit – thin and efficient, offers 3-4 charges to your device before recharging.

Jackery Bar – small and compact, offers between 1 and 3 charges depending on the device you are charging.

Jackery Mini – the smallest external charging device, if offers one full charge.

All of these devices retail for under $40, making charging on the go both compact and affordable.

I’m thrilled to have this option for our future Disneyland vacations and days at the ballpark. Never again will we have to panic when we see a low battery notification!