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Product was received in order to facilitate this review. Opinions are my own.

We have 3 cats. You might not think that 3 cats could make that much of a mess, but spend a week in my house and you might think otherwise. Ok, that’s not REALLY true or fair, because the worst of what they usually do is just shed fur, but my eldest cat, Ellis, has a condition called Irritable Bowel Disease. Heard of IBS in humans? Essentially the same thing. One of the main symptoms is frequent diarrhea and pooping outside the litter box.

I’m sorry, was that TMI?

Anyway, he’s on steroids and special food that control his symptoms about 90% of the time, but if there’s any deviation from the routine, he’s bound to have a flare up. And you know what’s really awesome? Only half our house is carpeted – the upstairs. You know where he always poops? On the carpet. Right at the landing on our stairs. Sigh. We rent a carpet cleaner every other month or so to stay on top of it since not many topical cleaners really get the job done well, and with the amount of cleaner that we have to use I hate having to expose my family, especially my 4-year-old daughter, to the chemicals and smell.

When I was approached to try Unique Natural Products including their Pet Odor and Stain Eliminator, I thought what the heck. It couldn’t do any worse than any other product, right?
unique natural products
It actually works fairly “uniquely”. For one thing, I found it did average on older stains. If the stain had set in a bit, it did help get much out but did not eliminate it completely. If there was a brand new stain, it did the job great. There are specific directions to follow when working on removing the stain:

Pour over odor or stain area. Let soak into carpet and pad to sub floor then cover with damp white cotton cloth. The area may need to be kept damp for several hours depending on the amount of odor in the area. You may get a heavy ammonia smell if there is a lot of urine. If this happens, repeat the process once or twice every twelve hours until odor is gone. Do not let dry until odor is gone.

Fortunately, we’re not dealing with any odors. We used to have a cat who had anxiety and urinated outside of the litter box, and it took a lot of work to eliminate those odors. I was not able to test this product on odor, just stains.

As long as I can stay on top of the stains (i.e. catch it when it happens) I have no doubt that Unique will do the trick.

Unique Natural Products are all natural, organic and eco-friendly. Besides the pet stain remover, they also have your basic carpet cleaner, wine stain eater, safe drain opener, and various other products. I was able to test out the safe drain opener on our bathroom sink and it worked effectively. Interestingly, it’s not just for clogged or slow drains, it also works well to descale your toilet, and unclog your swamp cooler or air-conditioning lines. Not only are these products safe, they’re multi-functional!

Some final quick facts:

  • All Natural / Safe For Your Family And Pets
  • Removes Stains And ODORS
  • Uses Bacteria and Enzymes (Not Just Enzymes)
  • Cleans All The Way To The Floorboards
  • Carried In Over 3,000 Stores Throughout the US
  • Guaranteed To Work
  • Inexpensive

You can purchase Unique Natural Products online from their website, or in stores including Ace Hardware, True Value, Vitamin Cottage, and Kriser’s. They’re made locally here in the Denver metro, making them all the more awesome!


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