StriVectin HAIR line for your custom hair needs

StriVectin HAIR knows hair care isn’t one size fits all

Product was provided to facilitate this review, results are my own.

I have horrible hair. It’s frizzy, dry, thin and falls out like a dog shedding in July. Because of this, I struggle to find a hair care line that makes my hair look not so frizzy, smooth, thick and full. I’ve tried many over the years with varying levels of success. When Beauty Brands approached me to see if I’d like to try out StriVectin’s specialized lines of hair care, there was nothing to lose!

StriVectin comes in three core product groups to cover most hair types:

Ultimate Restore –For women with weakened, dry, or thinning hair due to breakage, who are seeking to restore resilience and strength from root to tip for fuller, thicker looking hair.  Clinically proven after just one use, hair looks and feels fuller.  With an over 68% reduction in damage, split ends are reduced dramatically, and hair is stronger and more manageable, resulting in an overall improvement in hair health.
Max Volume – For women with fine or flat hair who are seeking volume, fullness, and shine.  Max Volume formulas deliver transformative luster without weighing down strands for radiant, voluminous hair.  Clinically proven after just one use to deliver 40% more volume and 191% more shine.
Color Care – For women with color treated hair seeking to boost vibrancy and defend against color-fade from UV rays and environmental aggressors. and address damage to hair strands due to color treatments. Color Care formulas fortify over processed hair to deliver strength, enhance shine and vibrancy, and seal in color so color stays true in between salon visits.

I received the Ultimate Restore line to try. I really could have tried any one of the three, but I felt that this was best suited to my needs. I used the shampoo, conditioner and deep repair mask for a little over a month.
StriVectin before
Of all of the products, I felt the deep repair mask was most beneficial. I used it once weekly and noticed less frizz and dryness after using it. Throughout the month, I didn’t notice any difference in hair fall during the trial, but my hair appeared slightly fuller with use of this line and my usual styling products.
after StriVectin
This is a higher end hair care line; the hair care starter kit I received retails for $32 and contains a 2oz shampoo, 2oz conditioner and 1oz deep repair mask. Full sized 8.5oz bottles of the shampoo and conditioner retail for $25, and a 5.7 oz deep repair mask is $39. They are all available at Beauty Brands

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