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Violet was exclusively breastfed, but once she hit about 9 months, my supply tanked. I was still able to feed her twice a day, but for her other two feedings we had to give her formula. If you also use formula for your infant, you know that the name brands are not cheap.

You can save a good deal of money by using store brand formula. It is EXACTLY the same as name brand. Just how much can you save? Check out the Parent’s Choice savings calculator.

I used the savings calculator and found out that if we fed Violet Enfamil Premium, we’d be paying about 85 cents per serving. With Parent’s Choice formula, we’d be paying 41 cents per serving. Even Parent’s Choice Organic is only 46 cents per serving!

And they are EXACTLY the same.

Why would you want to pay over twice as much for a name? It just doesn’t make sense. I know that we saved a lot of money by simply breastfeeding, but not everyone is able to breastfeed, or can breastfeed as long as we did. Babies are costly, why not save money where you can, without having to sacrifice quality?

Don’t just take my word – head on over to the savings calculator and see what you could be saving, and then come on back and leave me a comment with your savings – and what you’d spend all that extra on!

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