Omron home blood pressure monitor

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A blood pressure monitor is probably not something found in most homes with younger adults, and understandably so. Blood pressure is not something most people think about, but as you age it is something that is affects many, many people. One in three people, actually. People can have symptoms of blood pressure issues including light headed, dizziness, and headache, but often don’t have the ability to actually check to see if their blood pressure is the cause.

As a health care professional, it’s my responsibility to check blood pressure at each visit with my patients. Over time, I’ve come to believe that the old fashioned cuff and stethoscope method is the most reliable. I’ve tried numerous battery operated devices, both wrist and arm cuff, and the results would vary so frequently, or I’d have battery issues so I would just revert back to my old school ways. Then Omron contacted me to review their new 10 Series blood pressure monitor and I decided to give them a try since I had not owned or tried their brand before.
omron blood pressure monitor
What enticed me to the Omron 10 Series blood pressure monitor was the “extras”. You can manage and track your progress with Bluetooth on your smartphone (iPhone 5 and higher, iOS7+, Samsung Galaxy S3 and higher, Android 4.3+) and you are able to track for two users. This also works well at home or on the road. It can be operated using 4AA batteries or with an AC adapter. It also has an easy-wrap cuff that fits arms from 9″ to 17″ and is able to adequately compress the brachial artery so you get an accurate reading.

Some of the highlights of the blood pressure monitor include:
Advanced accuracy – Omron’s most precise home blood pressure monitor
Multi-colored BP level indicator lights – Green=normal range. Orange=hypertension range.
Easy-wrap cuff – inflates around entire upper arm for increased accuracy
ComFit(tm) cuff – preformed arm cuff fits regular and large sized arms for accurate reading.
TruRead – Takes 3 consecutive readings one minute apart and displays the average.
BP level bar – compares your reading to recognized blood pressure guidelines
Bluetooth smart connectivity – wirelessly transfers readings to your smart device.
Extra large digits with backlight – easier to read
Irregular heartbeat detector – alerts to irregular heart beats
200 memory storage – 100 memory storage for 2 users, easy to review
AC adapter – also runs with 4AA batteries.

As a healthcare practitioner, I highly recommend every home with seniors to have a blood pressure monitor. The Omron blood pressure monitor has a foolproof design with push button operation that is easy for anyone, young or old. The large print is easy to read for older adults with decreased vision. I’ve begun to carry it instead of my old trusty manual cuff and stethoscope. I’ve used a battery operated monitor in the past, but had issues with both the design of the cuff and reliability of the reading. I’ve tested the Omron side by side with my manual cuff and stethoscope and the readings have come within 5 points of each other each time. This has been far more accurate than previous monitors I’ve used.

The Omron home blood pressure monitor retails for approximately $69.


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