Meow Mix presents Cat’s Meow Award winners!

First annual awards presented by Meow Mix!

I am guilty as charged with watching cat videos as often as I can. I am owned by four cats, and cheat on them frequently, watching videos of the cutest kitties on the internet. But, I’m not the only one. I know there are many of you out there who love cat videos as much as me! Meow Mix knows this too, and because of this have created the inaugural Cat’s Meow Awards for cute cat videos!

I could sit here and tell you more about my awesome cats, and show you pictures of them and tell you about all the cute things they do, but I know you’re here to watch cute cat videos. So, I present…

Best Cuddle

Wild Cat Card

Best Cat-hlete

Meow Mix knows cats do irresistibly cute things every single day, and there’s always another “aww-worthy” moment to be shared, so they want to see yours! What’s more, everyone who submits an irresistible moment to the Meow Mix website receives a free bag of their newly launched Irresistibles treats. With a wide variety of flavors and soft & chewy or hard & crunchy textures, the treats are a purr-fect way to facilitate human-kitty bonding time. Meow Mix has also established a community of feline experts called Meow Mix Acatemy created to share cat-related news, insights, and of course, more adorable cat videos.

And because I just can’t let it go without sharing a photo of at least one of my cats, here’s a photo of my two oldest cats, Tulo and Ellis, being adorable.

meow mix cats

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  1. Joanna @way2gomom says:

    Awwww cute kitties! I’m sitting here watching these with a beagle in my lap who is trying to cuddle LOL but I do love cats too. I hope you have an awesome year in 2016 with many more adorable cat videos!

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