Lonesome George & Co. – Holiday Gift Guide

Lonesome George & Co is much more than a clothing line. Their products help spread environmental and social awareness and portions of proceeds fund educational programs.

Lonesome George & Co. is a social enterprise organization that combines branded apparel and experiential education to ignite a mind shift of global interdependence. By linking products, people, and learning, Lonesome George & Co. builds shared value in local communities through the power of engaged youth.

Who is Lonesome George? He is the last Pinta Island Tortoise in existence. The last of his species. He is native to the Galapagos Islands, and is estimated to be 100 years old. When he is gone, the Pinta Island Tortoise is gone.

Lonesome George & Co. clothing and education came about after the owners learned about George. They have designated that 10% of their profits will go into youth education programs, including Outward Bound, to help educate our future generations about the importance of global interdependence.

They carry clothes for both women and men, as well as children. Their shirts and hoodies carry inspirational and educational messages, and many are made of organic cotton.

I received the World Map Shirt, which carries a message of nurturing and caring for our Earth.

The shirt is made with white cotton certified organic cotton grown in ancient cotton fields in Peru. It’s soft, comfy, and carries an important message.

I also received a Lonesome George Day Pack

Perfect for a trip to the Farmer’s Market, the library, or to carry to work. And again, it carries a message.

Who to buy for These shirts, accessories and bags are the perfect gift for animal lovers, environmentalists, and anyone who needs to learn about Lonesome George.

Where to buy Buy online at LonesomeGeorge.net. Feel free to check them out on Facebook, too.

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