Like I Need Another Hole in my Head

That’s how much I need another job, but the fact of the matter is sometimes I just can’t say no.

Well sure, I can say no in some situations – “NO Violet, stay out of the litter box!” “NO way am I going out in public in a swim suit”. But I seem to not be able to say no when asked to help out in work situations.

I work full time for a great company and I love it. I have a company car, do home health visits, and have very few complaints about anything to do with any of it. I’m not always busy to full-time capacity, so I also work on call for my previous employer, also a home health company. My number of visits per week varies with them, but in the month of April I made an extra $1500 or so by helping out. Keep in mind we just bought a house, so it’s not like this money is going to the “jet away to Europe” fund. But it has allowed us to pay cash for a lot of stuff, like our new refrigerator, all our lawn supplies, and our new blinds and window treatments. But we still have a ton of credit card debt that while we’re making far above the minimum payments monthly, it would be nice if we could get rid of it sooner rather than later.

The new homebuyer’s tax credit will get rid of a ton of that debt, but if we can hurry up and pay ALL of it off within the next year it will open up some extra money to use to finish our basement, or to have a second child. Or to take the cat with the lame front leg who pees all over our house to the vet.

So, Friday I got a call from a recruiter with a nation-wide rehab company looking for PRN (on call) help at a nursing home about 15 minutes from our house. I worked in nursing homes for about 10 years. Then I started in home health and said I’d never go back to nursing homes or hospitals.

I lied.

I went in today for orientation and they are paying me a very generous PRN rate. Generally, I’ll just be covering for vacations (which apparently they take quite a few – the full-time OT is taking 3 weeks off just in May, June and July). But if I work about 20 hours each of those weeks, that will pay off two smaller credit cards. I’ll be running around like a chicken with my head cut off those 3 weeks, but if 3 week’s work can pay off two smaller credit cards, it’s worth it.

It also helps that it’s about half a mile from my gym. What kind of excuse to I have to NOT go if I’m that close already?

Ultimately, I wish I could be making that kind of money off my blog, but it’s just not happening. I am able to pay at least one utility bill a month with the earnings from my blog, though, so that makes the work that I put into it worth it.

Am I crazy for taking on more than I should (even just for short periods of time)? Yes, it will limit my time with Violet those weeks, but she does spend her days with grandma – so it’s not like she’s at a regular daycare not getting 1 on 1 attention. At the end of the day, doing this is something that is going to help my family as a whole. Heck, if I keep it up doing it even 5 hours a week or so, we can have a nice vacation fund too.


  1. Secret Mommy says:

    It sounds like an incredible amount of work, but shoot, I’d do it to get out of debt. For sure. Now if I could only find a secret job to pay off the secret credit card my hubs doesn’t know about… 😛
    .-= Secret Mommy´s last blog ..That doesn’t count! =-.

  2. Brandy says:

    First off LOL at the title of your blog post!!!

    Second … I do the same darn thing, except with work at home so then I end up all hours of the night working, or working through nap time (when I want a nap myself) or working through the times when the kids are having their own play time … but I am getting better at it!

    You can do this and only 3 weeks, it’s not too bad .. I hope!!
    .-= Brandy´s last blog ..Custom T Shirts and Eclipse Store =-.

  3. Lauralee Hensley says:

    Sometimes you got to do what you got to do. Just make sure to eat right or take some vitamin/mineral supplements so you don’t get run down. Especially since you’re going to go and work prn in nursing homes. Seems like virus’ and stuff just seem to go around and around in them. So get enough sleep (I know that sounds easier than it actually is) to stayed rested. God Bless.

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