I did it!

Just a minor bragging post because sometimes little things like this can be SO hard. You may have noticed my 101 in 1001 post at some point. It’s not very impressive right now, however I just crossed off two BIGGIES for me:

I stayed out of Target and Starbucks for an entire month.


I know!

Ok, I realize for many, many people this is nothing. Many people don’t even live near these places. But I do, and they’re both my achilles. There’s nothing better than a hot chai latte on a cold day, or killing time between patients browsing the aisles at Target.

Granted, there was almost a week where I couldn’t drive because of my surgery, but there were other times I NEEDED to go there. My prescriptions are all filled at Target. I had to have my husband go in my place.

So, even if it’s no big deal for you, if you could give me snaps or something, I’d really appreciate it. I had shakes for a good week and felt like I needed a support group.

But yeah, I had a grande nonfat chai latte on February 1st. I still haven’t been to Target yet, and this month is two days old!


  1. nicole @nicky_olea says:

    Target and Starbucks. Places I visit practically on a daily basis. I’d tell you I’m quitting them too (if only temporarily) but since I will be forced to when I move out of the country there is no way I’m doing it! LOL!

  2. Dee says:

    Chai Lattes, a weakness of mine! We currently live too far away from either to go frequently, so I’ve made it a couple of months without going in (our SB is in the Target) but it’s definitely not by choice! When I lived closer..or when I do, in under two months now (yayyy) I know I would have a *very* hard time with that, so congrats, it’s not necessary a little or easy thing!
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