Homecoming is around the corner

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If you’re like what seems like most of the country, the kids in your area have gone back to school. It seems like school is starting earlier each year, if you ask me. Pretty soon schools will have Homecoming early in September rather than October.

Fortunately I have quite a few years until my daughter is ready to head out shopping for a dress for the occasion, but I know that plenty of parents will soon be making the trip to the mall, or perhaps online to DressFirst or a similar store to find something appropriate to wear for the dance.

Ha! Appropriate!

For a while it seemed like Homecoming and Prom dresses were getting shorter and shorter. Recently, they went back through a long style phase. I’m secretly hoping that they are back in a long phase when it’s time for my daughter to wear one to a dance. Granted, there are quite a few knee length dresses that I would settle for. I actually think this one is adorable:
Screen Shot 2013-08-30 at 12.57.43 PM
It could just be because I’m old, though. But just in case you’re an old fuddy duddy like me and think more is better, here’s an adorable full length Homecoming dress:
Screen Shot 2013-08-30 at 1.00.14 PM
It seems to me that Homecoming dresses are becoming more and more formal. When I was in high school, light years ago, we definitely wore dresses for Homecoming, but they were quite a bit more casual. These days, most Homecoming dresses seem to be more on the formal side, almost like what you would wear to prom.

Fortunately, I have 10 years until I have to worry about buying a Homecoming dress. I can’t even imagine what the styles will be like by then. I won’t even tell you how old I’ll be when my daughter is ready for her first Homecoming! Hopefully I’ll be able to handle it!

What kind of dresses did you have for your Homecoming dances?

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