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I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Healthgrades. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

This past year was pretty crazy for me as far as my personal health was concerned. I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and underwent a number of diagnostic tests and ultimately had my thyroid removed in January. In May I was diagnosed as insulin resistant. I’ve also undertaken a major weigh loss journey.
And in April I was dumped by my primary care physician when they said that I wasn’t paying my bill on time (despite me having receipts proving otherwise, but I digress). I was left without the doctor who got the ball rolling to get me on the road to healthy.

When you’re someone dealing with multiple diagnoses, you want to make sure you have all of your healthcare practitioners working in sync with each other, and since I see an endocrinologist, OB/GYN and PCP, I want to make sure that their styles of care are all similar. This is where the Healthgrades Womens’ Health Report 2013 was a lifesaver for me.

Healthgrades takes a look at health care practitioners and provides you with information from years in practice, to length of waiting room waits. Patients can grade their practitioners from 1 to 5 stars and review their experiences.

I used Healthgrades to search for a new primary care physician. I used my provider list from my insurance company and cross checked on Healthgrades for the one with the highest score. I also did the same thing for a new pediatrician for my daughter (as she went to the same practice I did for my PCP, and of course, they booted my whole family. Ugh.). I love being able to know walking in what I’m in for. Knowing others have viewed their experiences with this doctor favorably make me much more confident in my choice. Choosing a doctor isn’t something you should take lightly. You want to feel comfortable with their bedside manor and assured that they have your well-being as their priority. With Healthgrades, you can also see how long a practitioner has been in practice, and make sure they are free of sanctions from any board.
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If you’re a woman looking for orthopedic, cardiac, critical care, or OB/GYN/Maternity providers, I highly suggest you take a look at the findings from the 2013 Healthgrades report for women. I was pleased to see that the hospital where I had my thyroid surgery was ranked highly and received a Healthgrades award.

As moms, we have enough on our plates each day. I don’t know about you, but I’m almost always in charge of organizing EVERYTHING in our household. Having Healthgrades available takes the worry and the guessing game out of finding the best health care providers for everyone in my household. Eliminate some of your stress by searching their website to make sure your family is getting the best in health care!


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