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Childhood obesity ends with you

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I’ve lived in Colorado for the last eleven years. In that time, I’ve learned how healthy the adults in this state are, mainly because of all of the outdoor opportunities available such as skiing, hiking, mountain climbing and of course walking and running. But there’s a big problem facing Colorado kids. Colorado is currently ranked 24th out of the 50 states in physical activity for kids. Nearly 55% of school aged children are not getting enough daily exercise. How on earth is this possible with how healthy and active the adults of this state are?

When I was a kid, we had PE class twice a week in elementary, daily in middle school, and it was a requirement for two years in high school. I still look back fondly at all the bruises I got in floor hockey, rolling over my fingers in scooter ball, and asthma attacks during cross country days. Maybe not so fondly. But the point is, I remember being VERY active as a kid.

Now my daughter is in 3rd grade and has PE once a week. She has 15 minutes of recess time after being forced to cram as much of her lunch down in 15 minutes. How is this healthy for our kids to shovel food in as quickly as possible and then be sent out to run around for 15 minutes? No wonder kids may not necessarily be active at recess time. As she gets older, she has fewer recesses during the day. She has another fifteen minutes during the day, but the younger grades have two in addition to after lunch. Now that the time change has taken effect, she has approximately 30-45 minutes after school each night if she wants to be able to play outside. One day of PE a week, and limited recess time simply isn’t enough for our kids. It gets worse the older kids get – Colorado is one of four states where physical education isn’t a required part of the State’s commitment to health. LiveWell Colorado wants to do something about that. And that’s where No more 24! comes in.

Research has shown that the more physical activity a child gets, as well as access to healthy food, the more their learning skills and behavior improve in school. The more we encourage our kids to be active and provide them with healthy food options, the more we are encouraging them to succeed.

There are some simple ways to help our kids succeed and to say no more 24! By signing the pledge to end childhood obesity, we are working to provide our kids with healthy food options both at school lunches and at home. We are encouraging our kids to get at least 30 minutes of physical activity at school, and 30 minutes at home, and to help provide access to safe walking and biking paths and affordable recreational areas for our kids to engage in team sports.

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