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I received books in order to facilitate this review.

Well, it’s official. Tomorrow morning my daughter will be a kindergartener. I’m having plenty of my own freakout moments, for sure. She’s as happy as a clam – we’ll see how happy she is about “big girl school” in a few years…

She’s attended full-day Montessori for two years, so she’s familiar with a long school day and with receiving some sort of formal education. But now it’s kindergarten and all new friends, so hopefully she will adjust easily. Our next door neighbor boy is in her class, and she’s very excited about that.

We received a couple of books from Candlewick Press to help get us ready for the school year. The first one was Peppa Pig and the Busy Day at School ($12.99). My daughter is a big Peppa Pig fan. My husband and I had never heard of her before, but we quickly learned that she is a show on Nick Jr featuring a British family of pigs and their other animal friends. This book is perfect for back to school, especially for those headed into kindergarten as the story focuses around an entire day at school and the different activities that occur. They go through lessons, music, lunch, recess, and a talent show. Though my daughter has already experienced days like this in her Montessori years, it’s still good to reassure her that there will be a similar routine at her new school.
peppa pig and the busy day at school
We also received How Did That Get Into My Lunchbox?, (by Chris Butterworth, Illustrated by Lucia Gaggiotti, $7.99) a great book for kids teaching them about where our food supply comes from. From the actual planting and harvesting, to the mixing and production, it teaches children about where some of the most popular items in their lunches came from. The book also explains a bit about the food groups and basic nutritional needs.
how did that get in my lunchbox

As your child gets ready to head back to school (if they haven’t done so already!) both of these titles would be great in helping to get the year kicked off right and help reduce the anxiety some of your little ones might have.


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