Aloha Friday!

What is it? It originated on Island Life as a way of taking it easy on Fridays. I ask a question, I answer it, and you answer it. Pretty easy, huh?

I’ve really enjoyed this short work week. I thought I might have to work over the weekend, but fortunately I don’t have to! I’m looking forward to (attempting) to sleep in this weekend.

My question is: What time do you usually get to sleep until on the weekend?

For us it just depends. Some days Violet is up by 7:30, and other days she will sleep past 8:30.


  1. Annie says:

    If we are lucky Grace will sleep till like 6:30 maybe…otherwise she is up like clockwork at 5:45. That early on a Saturday makes mom ready for a nap too!

  2. Colleen Pence says:

    It varies for us but our kids do sleep pretty well on weekends. They get up any time between 7:30am and 9:00am. My friends with early rising kids are pretty jealous!

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