Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet Week begins today! 9/17-9/25

All of our cats have come from the same no-kill shelter. Two of them lived there for over a year (Vinny lived there for almost 5 years!) Why? Because they were “less adoptable” cats. Vinny had chronic sinus problems and was 10 years old by the time we adopted him. Dharma… sweet Dharma is black.

Bet you might not have known that black cats are considered “less adoptable”. They blend in. They don’t get noticed. There are a lot of them. They don’t stand out and have cute markings. (Roll Dharma over and she has a little white patch by her privates!)

What are other characteristics of “less adoptable” pets?

  • Black animals (cats or dogs)
  • FIV+ or FeLv+ cats
  • Older animals
  • Special needs animals (blind, deaf, paralyzed, chronic diseases)
  • Breed specific (Pit Bulls, etc)
  • That said, we’ve adopted three “less adoptable” animals. Vinny was 10, and had chronic health problems. Dharma is black. Ellis has very mild Cerebellar Hypoplasia (a virus passed on at birth caused physical impairments – mainly coordination and balance issues).

    We love each of our cats so much, and I never considered any of them to be “different”. Ellis has no idea he has physical impairments. Vinny was so grateful to have a home after almost five years in a shelter. Dharma, only in our family for a week and a half now, is slowly starting to settle in and get comfortable with our cats. She and Ellis are currently sitting next to each other looking out our front door.

    All animals deserve a chance to have a loving home. Obviously not everyone is able to take on a special needs animal, but there are plenty of other “less adoptable” animals that may be a good fit for your home.

    This week is dedicated to spotlighting some very special pets who might get passed over. Petfinder asked member shelters and rescues to nominate very special animals who deserve loving homes but are considered less adoptable. You can view the gallery here.

    If you’re looking for a new addition to your family, keep in mind that your furry companion might not be “perfect” in the eyes of the world, but what matters is that they will love you unconditionally and be loyal to you for life no matter what their physical capabilities, health status or coloring is.

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    1. Daria says:

      Denver municipal is giving you an adopt one cat get one free right now – they also have reduced adopti on fees to $85 for dogs and $50 for cats through the end of September. They had some really adorable long hair and short hair adult cats – that ran the gamut of colors, plus 4 black 3mo old kittens, a siamese long hair kitten and a grey tabby kitten….

      Plus their new facility is STUNNING! Everyone should go check it out just to see how much nicer it is than their old building.1241 W. Bayaud Ave, Denver, CO 80223
      Daria´s last blog post ..Perfect Manicure for only $6!! Beautiful Nails…

    2. Marybeth @ says:

      I have two black cats and a. Lack dog. The dog and one cat were both from shelters, and I didn’t think twice about their color before I adopted them. Actually, it was pretty much love at first sight for me with my dog, and the cat LOVED my husband the second he picked her up.

      Anyway, I’m glad you’re spreading the word about adopting the pets that may have been overlooked the first time around!

      • Katie says:

        Thanks! I grew up with black labs, however my parents bought them from a breeder. Now that I know more about breeders etc as an adult we’ll only adopt our pets from shelters or rescues. Our little black girl is the sweetest thing, and I spoke to her foster mom today (she cared for her for 4 months when she had her kittens last summer) and she said she was so happy that we adopted her because she was there for almost a year, and her personality is so laid back and quiet that she is not the kind of cat to come jump on you and say “take me home!!!”

    3. Lindsey says:

      My best friends cat many years ago had a black cat. Well when it was time for the kittens to go up for adoption, my best friend convinced her mom to keep Stormy because it was Halloween time, and she didn’t want anything bad to happen to him. I must say, growing up with Stormy was interesting. Once woke up in the basement at her parents house to only see eyes from the all black cat. I really want an all black cat.

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