zulily helps new moms budget for baby

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zulily is your one-stop-shop for Mother’s Day and beyond

If you’re a new mom or a seasoned veteran of a mom, you know one thing: budget AFTER baby is a whole new beast compared to budget before baby. Gone are the days of jetting away with friends for a girls weekend, fancy lattes every morning, and watching TV shows that aren’t animated.

Of course those things don’t disappear forever, but when you’re preparing for a new baby it’s important to budget for things like diapers, strollers and car seats, a crib, and all that other baby gear. Spend $1000 a year on lattes? Well, you’ll also spend that on diapers if you go the disposable route. $500 on a gym membership? Try $500 on a stroller and car seat.

This is where zulily.com comes in. Did you know that zulily carries popular and best selling brands on a daily basis that can save you money not only on baby, but on YOU? From strollers and diaper bags to maternity wear and cute mommy and me outfits, they can cover it all. With rotating inventory daily, there is always something for everyone.

Of course, you can’t buy EVERYTHING mom wants on zulily. You can check out the infographic below to see the results of a survey where moms were asked what they wanted most for Mother’s Day. Also, pay attention to the amount of savings customers had when purchasing baby gear!
mothers_day_infographic - FINAL

So, while zulily can’t get you a warm bubble bath or the chance to sleep in until 8am, they CAN save you enough money to pay for a spa day, or a gym membership. Be sure to check out zulily.com or their mobile app daily for the best new deals, and definitely check them out on Mother’s Day, May 8th, for their MOMS FIRST event!

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