What’s in season, and what is Jackfruit?

Spring cooking suggestions from Whole Foods Market

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April is here! Sunnier, warmer days – or, snow and 35. Take your pick. That’s April in Colorado! But, with Spring in full bloom, some of our favorite foods are back in season! Here are a few examples, including a new one to me – Jackfruit! Read on to learn more and get some great recipes.

What’s Tasting Best Right Now in April

•        Local honey and meats

•        Fennel

•        Rhubarb

•        Jackfruit

Recipe Inspiration

Now, if you’re not a true food expert, you might be wondering what Jackfruit is. I know I was! It’s native to Southeast Asia, and popular in tropical locations of the world. It’s a great source of fiber, and tastes like a combination of apple, mango, banana and pineapple (fruit punch, perhaps?). It’s also the largest fruit to grow on a tree. Not only is the fruit edible, the seeds are as well and protein, potassium, calcium and iron! The fruit is high in Vitamin C.

What are YOU eating these days? Which of the Jackfruit recipes sound good to you? Be sure to check out your local Whole Foods Market to see if they have any Jackfruit and give it a try!

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