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Welcome to all my visitors from Josi Denise’s blog! Thanks for stopping by and providing my family and me with income from CPM page hits and advertising! Josi Denise didn’t exactly give me a very detailed introduction, so I will help you out with that.

My name is Katie, and I have been blogging since 2008. I’m a married mom to a 7-year-old daughter who is really awesome, and I have 3 equally awesome cats. I work outside of the home full-time as an occupational therapist and I also hold a Masters degree in sport management, but the most use I get out of it is criticizing off season and trade deadline baseball moves. I enjoy naps, craft beer, baseball, and probably love Disneyland more than it’s healthy to as an adult.

I also blog. Some might say I’m a “mommy blogger”. I mean, I’m a mom and I blog. But here’s the deal – I would never lump EVERYONE into one category like that. Like Josi Denise did. It’s too bad she has fallen out of love with mommy blogging (but apparently not with making money off her mommy blog, because did ya see those ads on her page when you read her posts? Uh huh.), but just because it’s not for her doesn’t mean it’s not for someone else.

Of course it’s true that some mom bloggers will take any opportunity that comes their way and turn donkeys into unicorns while lying through their teeth. But you see people like that in EVERY field. There are plenty of respectable bloggers out there that only work with companies that match their ideals and ethics. I will not take on sponsored content that I don’t agree with or support. Likewise, if something sucks, I’ll tell you it sucks. I work hard to teach my daughter to not be a sell out, and to stand up for what she believes in. I think this is true with the majority of mom bloggers. You’re going to have bad apples everywhere (see: Josi Denise).

Now, what I do take exception to is being accused of making sexist comments because I called her an “attention whore”. Honey, if the shoe fits, lace that bitch up and wear it. I would call anyone acting that way, regardless of gender or sexual identity, an attention whore. She wanted her 15 minutes and she got it. She threw people under the bus, and whored out her blog with all the ads you see on there. She’s not OVER mommy blogging, she just hasn’t had a successful post since December and needed to make some money. And imagine if she got a big reaction to THAT post? Throw up an equally insulting post complete with names (and links) and watch the money roll in. I mean, I can’t complain – the hits she’s given me are going to help pay for our Disneyland vacation this summer. I hope my daughter loves her new Rey costume and character meals.

We get it. You think mom blogging is full of shit. It isn’t your thing (until now, because hits). You think all mom bloggers are full of shit and the laughing stock of the internet. Please don’t project your thoughts of yourself onto others. As I said, there are good, bad, and ugly in every profession. Just because a mom blogger blogs doesn’t mean she stays at home, isn’t educated, home schools, is a christian, etc. Generalize much? We come from every walk of life and we do it for the reasons that serve us best. I do it to support my Disney habits. Some do it to put food on the table. If it’s not working for you, close up shop, shut it down and walk away, but don’t try to drag others through a mud puddle that isn’t even there.

Meanwhile, I’ll just keep on blogging about things that I feel I can speak authentically to, and I’ll keep on raising my kiddo right:


  1. Brittany says:

    Can I just say thank you for posting this? As a “mommy blogger” who is really just starting out, and just starting to look for her place in this niche, I read Josi’s post and felt extremely offended. Because I’m not a “bored housewife” and I certainly don’t think that I “suck.” I also don’t find it as annoying as she obviously does when someone uses exclamation points to show their happiness or enthusiasm about things. Her follow up post was quite laughable. She literally just went viral on a post calling out mothers (a.k.a. WOMEN) for being sucky and boring housewives and too happy. Does she not find the things that she said “sexist”? Is she immune to being called on the carpet for her nasty comments about women?

    I just want to tell you that I will be following your blog now… and likely everyone else’s blog that was mentioned in her follow-up post. You definitely seem nicer than you were made out to be (your mommy blog doesn’t suck at all), and your post made me feel good about continuing to try to grow my own blog. Her first post was really making me question doing so.

    • Katie says:

      Thanks so much 🙂 I know a good number of the bloggers that she called out, and none of them are bad people. We are just frustrated people who were unfairly targeted because we spoke up against her generalizations of ALL mom bloggers. Good luck with your blog!

  2. Kari Hofmann says:

    I work from home and home school…So I’m a mix of both. I didn’t take offense at the original article.

    But looking at the comments that were made by all bloggers and yours. Wow…I’m embarrassed to call anyone made the “bitchy” and “emotional” comments, a “fellow female”.

    I’m shocked, yet not shocked. You ladies are living up to the female stereotype.

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