Tips to creating a kid-friendly bathroom

It can sometimes be difficult to encourage children to use the bathroom themselves. Reaching the sink or the shower knobs may pose as a challenge to them. Because of this, they may associate using the bathroom as a chore. Here are ways to make bathroom activities appealing and fun to do, making them look forward to every time they need to clean up.

Put their toiletries in a basket

Putting your kid’s soap, shampoo, and other everyday toiletries in one place will make it a whole lot more accessible for them. You can put the basket on the floor of the shower as well. This way, they don’t have to reach high up for what they need.

It helps to get shampoo and other toiletry bottles that are easy to squeeze. If you have more than one kid, you can put their names in each respective basket so they won’t end up getting confused whose is whose.

Protect them from hot water

When bathing or washing their hands, your child might accidentally spin the knob for hot water, which may scald them as a result. Remove levers, dials, and knobs that run hot water from the bathrooms they use to prevent this from happening.

If you and your kids are sharing a bathroom, there are certain devices that can be installed on showerheads and faucets that stop hot water from flowing by checking its temperature.

Lower the towel holders

Often times, towel racks are installed too high up for children to reach. Temporary hooks and racks can be used and repositioned based on the growth of your child. When a kid is able to reach and hang up their own towels, it teaches them to be more self-reliant in the process.

If the towel rack has been permanently positioned in the bathroom, you could use a stepping stool to make their towels accessible to them. This will allow them to wash their hands and take a bath on their own everyday without having to call you for help.

Use a kid-height toilet

A big step in a child’s path of growing up is to learn to use the toilet by themself. Standard toilets are usually too high up for them to sit on without them having to climb up or use a stool. Consider getting a kid-height toilet to help them out.

Because of its flushing mechanisms, upflush toilets such as the Saniflo upflush toilet do not have to be installed based on standard pipe structure. This allows you to position the toilet at a kid-friendly height, allowing them to use the toilet on their own.

Add personality to the room

Painting your walls with bright colors and adding fun accessories will motivate your kid to use the bathroom. Be creative and add things that your child likes. If he or she loves ducks, consider putting duck stickers or toys in the room.

You can keep the tiles and cabinetry a neutral color as they are more expensive to have changed as compared to just the walls. You can even opt to paint the walls with your child yourself and make it a fun and memorable experience.


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