Three weeks done on the HCG diet with Metabolic Research Center

I haven’t talked too much about this time around with weight loss. If there’s one thing you’ve learned about me, it’s that I’m really good at losing weight, but equally as good at gaining some back. So, if I’m a little reluctant to “brag” about it this time around, forgive me.

I am done with 22 days of the 30 day program. I’m down 17 pounds. I’m hoping to get to 20 pounds by next Tuesday. Next Tuesday the HCG portion of the program will be completed, but then there are three weeks of stabilization. After that, I will resume my regular “meta-slim” program with Metabolic Research Center. That is the program I lost 73 pounds with last year. As of today, I am 28 lbs higher than I was when I hit 73 lbs lost last year. Twenty eight pounds is a very attainable goal, especially when I hope it will only be 25 pounds when I finish with the HCG.

This program is very strict. I have not eaten carbs, except those occurring naturally in fruits & veggies, in 20 days. And I haven’t killed anyone. But I am eating WELL. Yes, it is an 800 calorie a day program, but they are GOOD foods. Lean cuts of meat & fish, various fruits & veggies.

Many people argue how unhealthy it is based on the number of calories. This program is not THE HCG diet that many refer to. It is not that strict with calories and other restrictions. The HCG is what helps prevent your body from going into starvation mode and storing fat. Without it, that’s exactly what would happen. The HCG helps burn that deep down stored fat – the fat you might not even burn with clean eating and exercise.

I did have some hunger early on, but now I am not hungry between meals. I do drink protein drinks as snacks, which also works to curb hunger. I’ve loved eating elk, bison, shrimp and crab!

I won’t lie, though. It’s not easy. You need to be disciplined. You need to measure food precisely. It’s almost impossible to eat out on this diet. With Meta-Slim I had numerous options for eating out, and could even have a beer now and then (it’s not on program, but I have my ways!). You also have to limit exercise. It’s ok to take a walk or do other light exercise. I do yoga twice a week. I am looking forward to being able to exercise a bit more. I’m walking a 5K in a month, so I want to do a little bit of training for that.

Oh… If you’re thinking about it, you may want to reconsider doing it in the winter. You can’t use lotions, as the oils absorb in your body and counteract the HCG. My hands are chapped to the point of bleeding. I’m a day or two away from trying Chapstick on my hands!

I’m looking forward to the stabilization phase & having some more food choices. I wouldn’t mind a slice of bread here or there!


  1. Peggy says:

    I am no longer doing the program because of a drastic change in my life but have HNS supplements that need to sell. 16 full boxes variety flavors…all for $200. I will ship them for free. Know anyone who may be interested….please email me.
    Product includes: (boxes)
    2 – Mixed Berry
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    1 – Blue Rasp.
    1 – Chicken Buollion
    1 – Dbl Choc. pudding
    3 – Vanilla Creme pudding
    1 – Strawberry/Banana Gelatin
    1 – Peach/mango
    1 – Fiber fruit drink

  2. Jen says:

    I love this program! I was doing it at home and ordering the supplies online because it was much cheaper then going to the clinic. I was able to lose 20lbs in my first round. I have decided to come off the plan for now to see if i can get the rest of the weight off on my own. Your right this plan is VERY STRICT! I didn’t tell many people what i was doing because i didn’t want to hear the “THIS IS NOT HEALTHY” way. I made sure i was informed of EVERYTHING and I will keep saying this is the BEST PLAN I have EVER Been on! I cant wait to see how much more you lose! Please keep me updated! Good Luck!!

    • Katie says:

      I hear ya. I’ve blogged this twice, but I haven’t really said much elsewhere about it because people are pretty judgmental. But, I have also done South Beach in the past – by the end of the first 2 weeks I was almost delusional without having carbs. Nothing like that with this. I have tons of energy & feel great. I AM however, looking forward to transitioning off of it 🙂

  3. CIndy says:

    Katie… that’s great on your weight lose. 🙂 I know it makes you feel so good. And I know how you feel about being able to have something different added into your diet…like a piece of bread or egg whites 🙂 It tasted like a 5-star meal…lol . I also joined MRC and was on the hcg however it is 500 cals. a day for me was what they allowed, but well worth it. I have lost almost 70 pounds and I have been off of it for awhile now and have maintained my weight actually lost more… even inches. I am getting ready to join again as I have about 30 more pounds to lose and I will be at my goal weight. I am so excited as I have already had to buy some new clothes as i;m sure you know how that is. Anyway… best of luck on your journey and I wish you a great success. Cindy 🙂

  4. Starz says:

    I wouldn’t worry about what other people say about how your make lifestyle changes – because being on MRC is just that – a lifestyle change and most just want a quick solution to weight gain. I just signed up today, and let me tell you IT IS like heaven compared to going to a certified nutritionist at the doctors office! I have spent over $1000 on medical bills, tests and nutritionist sessions, and lost a total of ZERO pounds in 6 months. In fact I have gained 15 pounds with the outrageous “carb free boot camp” my nutritionist put me on. She offered to refer me to a lap band specialist if I wanted a “quick fix” and the cost through my work insurance was outrageous! I didn’t want a quick fix, this seemed like the most efficient and cost effective way to lose weight, and still learn how to cook healthy meals. I missed tonight’s cooking class, but I look forward to the continued support with my MRC facility and the Meta-Slim Plus program.

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