Stand Up to Cancer with MLB

If you haven’t picked up on the fact that I am a HUGE baseball fan, then you haven’t read my blog before. Suffice it to say, after my daughter, husband, cats & family, I love baseball the most. Violet already cheers “Go Rockies!” when we watch or listen to it (though she also says that […]

Five Years


Five years ago this morning, I put the last few things I hadn’t packed into my Scion tC and pulled away from my condo in Concord, CA at 3:30 am. One speeding ticket and one warning later I arrived in Denver at Scott’s house at 10:30 pm. I left behind my best friends in the […]

Wordless Wednesday – Nice Ass!


Ok, a little wordy, but back in the day, the Oakland A’s – formerly Kansas City A’s, had a mule as a mascot when they moved to Kansas City. His name was Charlie O, after the A’s owner Charlie Finley, and he wore this blanket. When we were in Kansas City I got a picture […]

Road Trip!


It’s been quiet around here this weekend because I hit the road with my friend Angela for Kansas City. We went there for two days to see our Oakland A’s play the Kansas City Royals. AND to see my friends Janessa and Annie (happy now, Janessa?!) who I have met through blogging and Twitter. It’s […]



Today was perfect in so many ways. From a big hug and her first “uv oo” in reply to me saying “Love you!”, to Dallas Braden’s perfect game, the day was perfect. Scott got me Starbucks first thing in the morning. I haven’t had Starbucks since December! We went to Maxfund to drop off our […]

Road Trip!

In less than a month, Scott and I will be taking off for an adult-only road trip to Kansas City! We’re meeting up with my brother who is driving down from the Twin Cities, and we’re going to watch the Rockies play the Royals for two games. Violet gets to stay home with grandma. In […]

The one where I blog about Texas Roadhouse

I do love Texas Roadhouse, but it’s not someplace we eat often. Our realtor gave us a $60 gift card for closing, so we went there for my birthday a week and a half ago. We only used $40 of the gift card, so planned to go back for Scott’s birthday or something. But then […]

Tons of fun

I normally don’t say that about my mom’s visits, but this time my brother is coming with her. That is the fun part. First, he’s bringing my birthday present which is a brand spankin’ new iPad. I’m not a huge Apple fan, but I will say that I am addicted to my iTouch (especially Words […]

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Some people talk about Christmas being the best day of the year. Others say it’s their birthday. For me, it’s baseball’s opening day. If I were in charge, it would be a national holiday. Sunday night as I was unpacking, I was looking at all my autographed baseballs and reminiscing back to the days where […]