PR Bio

My name is Katie, and I’m a full-time work outside the home mom to a three-year-old little girl named Violet. I’ve been married five years and am also mom to 3 cats.

I love to blog about eco-friendly choices we have made with our lives, as well as money saving tips or sales. We use cloth diapers and I am very active in educating others about the choices that exist in today’s market for cloth diapers. I am very passionate about cloth diapers and about creating less waste and leaving the smallest carbon footprint possible. We are avid recyclers and repurposers.

I blog frequently about weight loss and fitness, as well as animal welfare causes. These are both very important issues to me.

I also love to blog about my daughter and our daily life, trials and tribulations, good times and bad. There are many stay at home moms that are avid bloggers, but I feel it is also important to hear from the moms who have to provide a second income for the family.

I would love to hear from PR professionals who are looking for someone that fits my profile to help you review your products. You can contact me at

My areas of greatest interest for reviews and/or giveaways are as follows:

  • Preschool aged products, including car gear, clothing, natural products, toys, shoes, food, bedding, and strollers
  • Eco-friendly cleaning products including cleaning solutions and laundry related items
  • Pet products, especially cat toys, foods, and treats.
  • Mom gear – clothing, shoes, hair products, especially eco-friendly and cost-conscious items, exercise equipment including DVDs, yoga gear, and exercise clothing.
  • Dad gear – sports gear, clothing, shoes, diaper bags.

I truly look forward to hearing from you and being able to fulfill my goal of being a successful product tester and reviewer!

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