One more thought on health care reform

This is a great point brought up by someone on a message board where I post. There are many that are complaining about the fines for individuals or businesses not having or offering insurance. Think of it this way:

We’re all required to have car insurance to drive our cars. There are big fines if we don’t. Businesses are required to have workers comp insurance for employees or face fines. The health insurance requirements are new to us, but the concept should not be foreign.

Fifty years from now, heck even 10 years from now we’ll recognize this as a societal norm. You don’t hear individuals or companies complaining about the fact that we need to have certain insurance. This will soon feel just like that.


  1. Annie says:

    I agree with a lot of your points. I was going to comment on the first post, but I’ll do it here 🙂

    I agree that every person should have health care and that pre existing conditions and companies not providing H.C. is a huge problem. I do not think that govt health care is the answer because of the high spending.

    To answer the point you made in this post: The govt is not spending billions of dollars to provide car insurance or workers comp – they just have laws in place. I want the same for health insurance. I want the laws not the money spent – does this make sense? I am pretty sure the pre existing conditions thing was a horrible thing and I am very glad to see it go.

    But I am not sure about the money spent. It was passed so quickly I was really hoping for more time, better working out of the kinks. I know that perfection in government is not going to happen, but couldn’t we have introduced this a bit slower? Like maybe reformed the policies first, then worked on seeing if more govt run health care was a good idea?

    Another thing that I dont’ know if anyone can clearly say how it will work is this state health exchanges. I was on medicaid (state health care) for almost my entire childhood. There was so much wrong with it then and I don’t know if they have fixed all that. It is from my experience as a child that I am hesistant to be excited to sign up under the state. True I won’t be forced to – but I kind of will with that fine if I don’t. Our income bracket is such that we don’t qualify for WIC but don’t really have any actual money……very frustrating.

    Anyways, this is such a great topic! I totally get where you are coming from and so glad to read a post FOR the bill 🙂
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  2. Katie says:

    You have health insurance through your employer, you don’t have to buy an individual policy. Your premiums are not going to increase like that.

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