Make clean eating easy with the #DaisyDifference

Today’s post is sponsored by Daisy Brand, but my love for their Daisy Cottage Cheese is all my own!

If you’ve been a regular reader of my blog, you may remember that in January of this year I completed a half marathon. Prior to that, I had lost over 60 lbs. I was really working hard on getting healthy and making changes in my life. Unfortunately, my binge eating disorder reared its ugly head and those 60 lbs came back along with associated health problems. Fortunately, I’ve been seeing a great therapist and am back on my way towards a healthy life. I have made many positive changes, including moving more and eating clean. Living here in Colorado there are SO many ways to get out and be active. Whether it’s simply taking a walk and enjoying the cooler autumn temperatures and the bright yellow of the changing Aspens, or getting into the mountains and hiking, there are so many options for healthy living in our beautiful state.

The other part of healthy living that I’m embracing is eating clean. I’ve stopped running through the drive thru at lunch. I’m doing my best to plan and prepare dinners that are high in protein and low in fats and carbs, and I’m eating lots of fruits, vegetables, and foods low in ingredients and high in nutritional value.

One of my favorite ways to get the protein and calcium my body needs is by incorporating cottage cheese into my diet. Daisy Brand cottage cheese is my favorite because of the limited ingredients: cultured skim milk, cream, and salt (the 2% variety also contains Vitamin A palmitate). I’ve compared labels and Daisy is THE healthy cottage cheese option. Every other brand that I’ve checked out had far more than 3-4 ingredients, including many I couldn’t pronounce. I also like that choosing the lower fat option (2%) doesn’t mean that the product is full of artificial sweeteners or chemicals I can’t pronounce for the sake of keeping it low fat. This is the Daisy Difference.

Depending on what kind of time I have in the morning, I may or may not have half a cup of cottage cheese as my protein. More frequently, however, I’ll have Daisy cottage cheese with my lunch. My favorite pairings keep it simple: Cottage cheese, fruit, veggies, and water. Light and clean with tons of protein (13 g per serving!) and low in calories (90 per 1/2 cup) to keep my muscles in top shape and keep me going through my long work afternoons. I know a lot of people have special cottage cheese recipes – my mom substitutes it for ricotta in lasagna – but I like to keep it simple. Here’s my typical lunch

Eating clean has made a HUGE difference in my life recently. I have more energy, sleep better, and my mood has improved significantly! Knowing that I can eat some of my favorites like cottage cheese snacks without compromising my food choices makes it so much easier. And it gives me the energy to get out and do all of the fun activities Colorado has to offer. Up next? A weekend in Estes Park!

If YOU love cottage cheese and want some great cottage cheese pairings, check out the Daisy recipe website!

What are YOUR favorite ways to enjoy cottage cheese?

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  1. Luci says:

    I love (good) cottage cheese all by itself or with a little cinnamon dusted over it. It is filling, healthy, gives me lots of energy and protein. I will grab cottage cheese before yogurt because it doesn’t leave me wanting to eat more. (I think it is because it has some texture)

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