June is Adopt a Shelter Cat Month!

We are the proud parents of 3 shelter cats. In all, we’ve been owned by 5 shelter cats, and they have brought so much enrichment to our lives! There really is nothing like knowing you’ve actually saved a life by bringing home a shelter animal. My cats mean the world to me, and in a way I know that THEY know they’ve been rescued.

One of our cats, Vinny, lived in the shelter for over 4 years before we brought him home. He was sweet and lovable. There was nothing “wrong” with him. He was just an older black & white cat that didn’t seek attention. But he thrived on our love at home. We had him for 3 years before he passed away.

Our little girl, Dharma, lived in the shelter for over a year after giving birth when she was only 8 months old to 5 kittens. Another quiet kitty, she never sought out attention. After living with us almost 3 years, she still has some shy moments, but also loves to be petted and gives out head bumps regularly.

Ellis, our oldest kitty, doesn’t have much of a history. But he has become the love of my life and I can safely say I’ve never been loved the way he loves me. His nickname is Jealous Ellis because whenever anyone wants to get close to me, he puts himself in between us!

Fluff, our girl kitty who died a little over 3 years ago, went to the shelter because her first owner committed suicide. She loved both my husband and my daughter as if they were her own. From the day we brought Violet home from the hospital, she wanted to be around her all the time. She would watch over her like a nanny, and loved to sleep with her at night.

Tulo, our younger boy, is a dog in cat clothing. He was found after being attacked by a fox, and while he is full of spunk and scares away all the neighborhood dogs, he never misses a moment to love on you and seek affection.

Each of our cats has a very different story, but they all have happy endings here in our home. There is something special about bringing a pet who has been “thrown away” or abandoned for whatever reason into our home and life. I will always ONLY adopt shelter pets.


Every year 2.7 million cats and dogs enter shelters with the same dream – finding a forever home. Many of these animals never make it out due to overcrowding. When it’s time for your family to consider a pet, please check out your local shelters and all of the WONDERFUL animals available. These animals aren’t broken or damaged, they just need love.

To learn more about Adopt a Shelter Cat month or to find a shelter near you, visit TheShelterPetProject.org. Help save a life and receive unconditional love in return.

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