Inspirational celebrity posts to inspire you

Thanks to Rana Tarakji for the guest contribution. Rana is an entrepreneur, freelance writer and contributing writer at Life Coach Spotter

At times, we all need a bit of inspiration… And who better to inspire us than those who we can look up to? Celebrities who have gone through several hardships but have eventually succeeded in their lives can encourage us to hop on the success wagon.
Life Coach Spotter helps people find a life coach and provides a resource center for anyone who wants to learn about life coaching.
Life Coach Spotter has gathered some of the top inspiring celebrity quotes in this inspirational infographic.



Author Bio: Rana Tarakji is an American – Lebanese female entrepreneur, writer and digital marketer. After having worked in several hyper growth startups such as Groupon – Rana launched and eventually left an internet startup – Cary – a marketplace app based in the United Arab Emirates. Rana has since then been focusing on her online shop & blog Stylerail as well as on freelance writing, and has had articles published on dozens of respected websites and blogs.
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