If I had a billion (and a half) dollars

Who doesn’t love playing the hypothetical “If I won the lottery” game? I’ve been lucky enough to have “won” a couple times. Four whole dollars each! I was able to buy lunch at Taco Bell. It was great. But come on, a billion and a half dollars? Even after taxes and all that stuff, you’d still bring home almost $500 million. FIVE HUNDRED MILLION. I can’t count that high.

So, what would I do with my $500mil?

Well, first I’d take care of all our debt, but that’s under $200,000 including our mortgage. That’s like me asking to borrow a quarter from someone who had $100. (I know, that’s not the correct math, but it’s an example of how much money you’d have left over. Humor me). Then Our parents and siblings would each get $1mil. That’s only $7mil between our families.

I’d give a million to cancer research. I’d have to do my homework to make sure I picked the best organization, as I want it to go to RESEARCH for a cure, not promoting awareness. We all know what cancer is. I’d spread another million out to a few different animal shelters that I support, including Maxfund and Dumb Friends League in Denver, Tony LaRussa’s ARF Foundation in Walnut Creek, and Best Friends Animal Society. I’m sure they could all use $250K. I’d give $10K to various other animal related causes.

And then, in no order or monetary amount, I’d buy a vacation home in Malibu, Disneyland annual passes (and a condo close by), a mountain home here in Colorado, a vacation home in the Twin Cities near my family, season tickets to the Oakland A’s an Raiders (and an appropriate vacation home nearby), acreage to build a cat rescue, a new 2016 Prius (when they come out), and a new car for my husband, whatever he would choose.

And then I’d travel. I haven’t seen much of the world, and I want to. First stop would be Australia, since it’s summer there now! I’d take my daughter across Europe to learn about her ancestors and experience history. I’d go on safari in Africa, and maybe take an expedition to Antarctica.

Finally, I’d hire help. A full-time chef, a personal trainer (in my own home gym), a housekeeper. Definitely a greenskeeper and a pool boy, too.

Daydreaming is so much fun. It would be amazing to be able to bless people, animals and causes with our good fortune. It would be fun to travel and live wherever we wanted, whenever we wanted. But it will still be fun to go to bed not having won, because I know that I have a wonderful family and great friends and do my best to help out where I can and live life to the fullest.

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