Give Your Guy a Birthday Celebration He’ll Never Forget

If your husband or boyfriend’s birthday is approaching, you’re probably racking your brain to come up with ways to celebrate him the way he deserves. Here’s a list of special ways you can treat your guy to the celebration of a lifetime. Pull out some creativity, put in a little effort, and make this a birthday he won’t ever forget.
Write Him a Letter

It’s easy to fall back on our multiple technologically based communications when it comes time to celebrate special occasions, but skipping the text and putting your loving efforts into a handwritten letter will really highlight your love for your guy. You can write about your dreams for the future, talk about your favorite memories about the past, or simply list the things you love about him and all that you appreciate.

A Family Surprise

If your guy is close to his family and they live far away, put together a surprise that will endear you to their hearts even further and make his day the best it can be. Collaborate with his parents, siblings, or anyone else you know he’d love to spend the day with and have them come visit for his special day. If that’s not doable, plan a trip for the two of you to go visit them. He’ll love your effort to include his family in the festivities and get to celebrate with all the people dearest to his heart.

A Shopping Spree

Go on a shopping spree for all the things your boyfriend or hubby loves, and make his birthday celebration into a weeklong affair. If he’s a gadget guy, grab some modern gadgets he’ll love to play with, if he’s a bibliophile, grab a dozen of books from his favorite author, purchase the random snacks he’s loved since childhood and anything else you can think of that he obsesses over. Put all of these together in a huge box for an in-person care package that he’s going to lose his mind over and get use from for weeks to come.


Is your guy a music buff? Are you sometimes convinced that he’s more in love with Bob Dylan than he is with you? Then a concert is your best bet. Look at Stubhub to find some upcoming concerts in your area and find an artist you know he listens to on the regular. Don’t tell him you’ve scored the tickets until the day before for a shocking birthday surprise that will have him celebrating harder than he thought he would. If he’s more of a festival guy, surprise him with a pair of tickets to Coachella, Bonnaroo, or other event in your area—definitely a worthy splurge that you’ll gain a lifetime memory from.

Sporting Event

If your special guy is more of a sports fanatic, then you already know you can’t go wrong with tickets to a sporting event. If his favorite team is out of state and you’ve got some money to spend, you could book a flight to a game in a few months’ time and present him with the tickets on his birthday. It’ll give him something to look forward to for upcoming months and still be the perfect reveal for the day of celebration.

A Surprise Party

Would your guy be a sucker for a surprise party? Put in the extra effort this year and invite all of his favorite people to a shindig at his favorite restaurant. This will definitely test your planning abilities, but if you can pull it off without him finding out you’ll definitely be up for the girlfriend of the year award.

A Getaway

Sometimes the stress of real life gets overwhelming, and he may want to spend his birthday getting away from work and all those others stressors. Make this a reality by whisking him away for a romantic birthday weekend to a locale you know he loves or has expressed an interest in visiting.

Bedroom Fun

It’s a cliché, but what guy wouldn’t like a little more loving for his birthday? Up the romance ante by greeting him at the door in new lingerie and have the house ready for some reconnecting. Draw a hot bath, get the candles lit, and play some mood music and serve as the present he gets to unwrap.

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