Friday I’m in Love – June 20

Oh boy, I took a break for a while, didn’t I? I needed some “me” time, and I also had some family visit so I didn’t spend a ton of time online. But that doesn’t mean that I didn’t find anything to love. In fact, it gave me extra time to think about the things that mean the most to me and that I can’t live without.

Rudy’s BBQ – Rudy’s is a regional chain BBQ restaurant. I’m pretty sure most of them are in Texas, but there is one in Colorado Springs, which is a little over an hour’s drive from us. We make the journey down there about 4 times a year to partake in some amazing BBQ. Their moist brisket is a gift from above and practically melts in your mouth. Friday- Sunday they have prime rib, which is cooked to perfection. And their creamed corn. Holy cow… I never liked creamed corn before. I love corn, but not the creamed variety. But this – it’s so… perfect. If we lived closer I know we would easily go at least once a month. But if you live near one, be sure to check it out!
rudys bbq

FitBit Ultra – I am on my 3rd FitBit. Yep. I had a FitBit ONE when they first came out. It never worked quite right, but it worked. And then it died. So I replaced it with a FitBit Ultra. And then I lost it at Disneyland in January. It took me about 30 seconds to order a new one from Amazon. I’m addicted to it. I use it to motivate me to move more, to track my caloric intake, my weight, and my water intake. I rely on it for everything, but mostly for motivation. I get competitive and check to see where I rank with my friends. Now that I’m focused on being healthier, it’s an even bigger motivator for me. I prefer the Ultra, which clips on my waistband, to the Flex or any sort of wrist-worn device, as I want to be able to wear it discreetly.

Gratitude 365 app – One thing I am trying to do is to work on a gratitude journal. I love this app for my phone because I always have my phone on me, and when something pops in my head I can jot it down quickly. I aim for 3 entries daily, and have been doing pretty well. It’s easy for me to dwell on the bad things, but being able to pull this out and look at it and see the good things happening can turn my day around. You can enter pictures, too. It’s $1.99 on the app store.


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