Felidae TidNips help pamper your pet

I’ve posted many times about how we feed our cats high quality grain-free food. Over a year ago, I first reviewed Chewy.com and have since become a loyal customer because they carry exactly the products I want to feed my feline friends. They specialize in healthy brands, but still offer a few store brands such as Iams, Hill’s Science Diet and Friskies. They recently sent me some Felidae TidNips to try out on the cats.

We don’t give the cats many treats. My dad was here visiting recently and I’m pretty sure he fed the cats more treats in 10 days than we’ve fed them in the past 3 years! But on special occasions we’ll give them a few. Like our cat food, I would prefer they be as healthy as possible. Because my eldest cat, Ellis, has IBD, we do our best to avoid any grains in their food, as it messes with his digestive system. These Felidae treats do have minimal grains (brown rice) and he hasn’t had any significant issues with having a treat here and there. Here is the complete ingredient list:

Chicken, Brown Rice, Ground Barley, Tapioca, Vegetable Glycerine, Chicken Meal, Natural Flavor, Molasses, Brewer’s Yeast, Fish Oil, Cranberries, Salt, Sodium Bisulfate, Sorbic Acid, Taurine, Citric Acid, Mixed Tocopherols, Rosemary.

felidae tidbits
Now, reviewing pet food is a bit of a challenge. The subjects are very hard to get a good answer from. But, either they eat it or they don’t. And all 3 of my cats ate these treats. I do, however, have about the least picky cats on the planet as far as food goes. And my two younger cats would probably take to gnawing off their paws if their tummies ever got to growling. They both have nearly killed me multiple times racing down the steps in the morning to get their breakfasts.

Felidae is owned by Canidae, a leading manufacturer of holistic and healthy pet food. All-natural Canidae formulas are made in the US in a human-grade facility using only the highest quality ingredients. There is no corn,
wheat, soy, grain fractions, glutens or fillers in their products. All of the Canidae foods are 100% naturally preserved and naturally complete, containing essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients. So, basically, you can feel good about feeding your pet a Canidae brand food or treat.

Why is grain-free so important? Pets can’t break down carbs (grains) the way humans can, so there is really no point in including them in their food. Additionally, as you may notice when eating a carb-heavy meal, you end up being hungry much sooner than if you had eaten a protein-heavy meal. Thus, your pet may go through a bag of food containing grain products much more quickly than a grain-free food simply because their hunger isn’t satisfied as long.

So, in summation, if my cats had thumbs they’d give these two thumbs up. As I said, it’s a very subjective thing, reviewing pet food, so take it with a grain of salt (and leave the grains out of your pet’s food!). Felidae TidNips can be bought from Chewy.com for $4.99/package. Any orders over $49 from Chewy.com ships free.

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