Dream Dinners makes dinner prep a dream!

Meal prep made easy with Dream Dinners

The past two months have been extremely hectic for me, between working full time and being the troop cookie mom for my daughter’s Girl Scout troop. The last thing on my mind was what I was going to put on the table for dinner. So, when Dream Dinners reached out to me to see if I’d like to experience one of their meal prep experiences, I jumped at the chance.

With locations in 25 states, Dream Dinners specializes in meal prep workshops. They provide all of the ingredients, you follow a simple color coded menu to assemble the meals. Everything is perfectly portioned and can be adjusted slightly to taste (spices, garlic, etc). You can choose to make a 3 serving portion or a six serving portion, however some only come in larger portion. Every month their menu changes.
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When I arrived for my workshop, I was greeted promptly and the process was explained in detail to me. Eight workstations were set up and each one had the ingredients necessary to make one or two of the current meals. For each meal, a list of ingredients was above the food with colors that corresponded to ingredients. The measuring spoons set up in the ingredients were color coded to match the ingredient list. I simply followed the list to prepare each meal by filling up quart and gallon bags as instructed.
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I prepared six different meals during my workshop, and as I completed each one, Shelley, my assistant through it all, gave me cooking instructions and then stored the meals in their refrigerator. Between meal prep, I sipped on a complimentary beer (they also have wine and non-alcoholic options). Shelley did a great job explaining the process of doing a monthly workshop. Everyone can check out their introductory offer and prepare up to six meals for $74.95, essentially the workshop I completed. Following the introductory offer, when you participate in a workshop you are required to purchase 36 servings worth of meals. This can be 12 3-serving meals, 6 6-serving meals, or a combination. Some meals are only available in a 6-serving option. Prices vary between an average of $16 for a 3-serving meal to an average of $35 for a 6-serving meal. The best part is, once your meals are prepared at Dream Dinners, once you get them home all you need to do is to prepare according to serving instructions. No more food is required!
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We’ve had four of our six meals thus far. My favorite so far has been the Cheese Lovers Manicotti, followed by the chicken enchiladas. The best part for me has been that it took about an hour at the Dream Dinners facility to prepare, and minutes to prepare at home (plus oven or stove time). Everyone in my family has liked what they’ve had and through these past few months when I’ve been pulled in all directions they’ve enjoyed having delicious cooked meals on the table.

To see if a Dream Dinners location is available near you, check out their meal workshop locator. Meal workshops take place several times a week, and Dream Dinners also hosts meal prep parties.


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