Gift ideas for a college grad

If someone you love has recently graduated college or will soon don the traditional cap and gown, help them start their venture into the real world with the perfect gift. I’ve come up with options for every personality, from food gifts to events designed for the adrenaline junkie, finding a graduation gift has never been so simple.

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Keep the Party Going

College students are often known for their propensity to party, and your grad might be having a hard time leaving their reveling days behind. Give a nod to their proclivities with a custom growler so they can still pick up their favorite beers from their local brewery and toast to a great college career. If they’re more of a wine connoisseur, you can sign them up for a delivery of some delectable bottles each month from a service like Wine Club. With any luck, you’ll get to visit them for a wine night and partake in some of the selections!

Time to Travel

Every college grad has dreams of seeing the world, so make that a possibility with a travel-oriented gift. Whether it’s a gift certificate to an airline, a new suitcase, or an envelope with money for his or her own planning efforts. Sometimes all we need to make our dreams come true is a nudge in the right direction, so give them a bit of inspiration—and the means—to make their globe-trotting dreams a reality.  

Home Swag

They’re likely moving to a new place after graduation, and they’re going to need some assistance decorating their new home. While art is subjective, if you know their favorite style or artist, you can grab a print version of famous pieces from You can also grab them personalized décor items from Shutterfly—think pillows for their couch, photobooks of pictures from their Facebook (and the good times they had in college) or personalized kitchenware.

Streaming Service

Now that they’ll be thrust into the professional world, you’ll want to help them take a load off at the end of a long day with a great entertainment option. There are a variety of streaming services to take advantage of, including Netflix, SlingTV, and HuluPlus, among many others. Some are catered towards sports lovers while others will whet the movie whistle of comedy lovers, so do your research and figure out which best fits their tastes. You can give them a set number of months of service and know that they’re de-stressing like they should be after a strenuous work week.

The Experience of a Lifetime

If the grad you love is a hard one to shop for, consider an experience gift instead. These awesome present ideas are all the rage right now, and it’s easy to see why. Common gift ideas on these sites include exotic car rides, skydiving adventures, scuba lessons, and even golfing with a PGA Tour pro. Whatever their hobbies are, you’re assured of finding an experience that will titillate their senses. Pick something they’ll love from a site like and be sure to change the filter to their locale to make sure the activity is available in their area.

A Fun Subscription

Give them a gift that keeps giving all year round with a subscription you know they’ll get great use from. Since graduating college means Top Ramen isn’t an appropriate meal anymore, perhaps a subscription to a meal box service like Green Chef is in order. This way you’ll know your grad is getting the proper nutrition each week and save them tons on grocery costs, plus you’ll help improve their culinary skills which is a must-master life skill.

If they’ve got things in the kitchen handled already, a book delivery system might be your best bet. Now that they can read for fun, not for a grade, it’s time they catch up on all the best literary releases. will send a curated book selection every month, and you can choose between one-, three-, and six-month subscription options. Each box also comes with little trinkets that fit along with the story, and usually are signed by the book’s author—talk about a bookworm’s dream come true.

Grab the perfect present for your grad and let them know how proud you are of their scholarly accomplishment with any of these amazing options.


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