5 Ways an emotional support animal can change your life

Depression is a serious thing. Anyone may have felt sad at one time or another during their lifetime. But for others, it gets to a point that the sadness overwhelms them, leading to feelings of emptiness, hopelessness and even anger. These emotions make it very hard for these individuals to get through their everyday lives.

There are may be many factors that could contribute to why a person may be diagnosed with depression. From genetics, childhood trauma, life issues and even chemical or physical changes in the brain, all these may be causes for depression.

The important thing is to recognize all the signs and get help right away. There are many ways to treat depression, from therapy, drugs or making lifestyle changes. If you are not sure about those, you can try to get an emotional support instead.

Take a look at the list below to see just how an emotional support animal can create a positive change in your life.

1. They can build your immunity – did you know that children who grow up in homes that have dogs and cats are less likely to develop allergies and even asthma later in life? Allergies can sometimes be debilitating, causing people to sleep less and suffer from insomnia which can actually lead to depression after a time.

2. They get you to physically move – when you have a dog, there’s always the need to bring them out, whether to walk them or to play with them. This allows your body to become stronger, as the physical activity will make you more physically fit. It has been found through research that people with animals are less likely to have issues with high blood pressure and heart issues. When you are physically fit, you are less at risk to having mental health issues.

3. You are less lonely with a pet around – if you’re the type of person who does not like to be left alone, having a pet around will truly do wonders. You never have to feel alone anymore and you will always have someone to talk to. Pets and emotional support animals are very affectionate and will really feel your heart with joy.

4. You can have the opportunity to be more interactive with others – lack of social interaction may lead you to feel blue. With a pet around, you get to interact more with people. Because you need to bring them to the park where people are, you get the opportunity to engage in more conversations with other people. You can meet all kinds of people, young and old when you have an emotional support animal, and that can make a lot of difference when you are feeling down.

5. You will feel loved unconditionally – there’s no feeling like going home and seeing your emotional support animal waiting faithfully for you, with their tail wagging and tongue hanging. You can clearly see just how glad they are that you are home. They do not judge and simply love you for who you are.

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