5 Important tips to selecting a great hamster cage

Pets act as companions and security for most home. When you have a pet, it is very important that you take good care of it. You should also ensure that they have a decent place to live and sleep in. Hamsters are small yet very active pets hence they need a lot of care. If you have a hamster or you planning to get one, there are a few things you need to know about selecting a good cage for your hamster.


  • Safety


When you are taking care of any pet, their safety is very important. In the case of a hamster, it is very important to get barred cages. This is cages with bars close to each other to prevent it from slipping out and it also keeps the litters from falling out of the cage. It also helps to keep them out of danger in case you have other pets in your home. You can also buy a cage with a lock to keep them hamster enclosed at all times. This ensures that your hamsters cannot be harmed or taken out of the cage without your consent.


  • Cage Size


The cage should have ample space to allow movement of the hamster and also ensures it is comfortable. The size of the cage depends on the breed of hamster that you have and also the type of features you want to have in the cage. You can purchase a cage with a wheel that the hamster can use for exercising. This feature is most common when you have the Syrian hamster. They require space to live and a small box in one of the corners to sleep in.

The dwarf hamster requires more space to live in because they mostly live in groups. You can keep two or more and this will require a bigger cage since they also need enough space to move and play. The cage also should have enough room if you have a pregnant hamster. Pregnant and nursing hamsters are overprotecting. Overcrowding makes them very agitated and stress. This makes them attack each other and in extreme cases, they eat their litters.


  • Cost


When buying a cage, you should consider the price of the cage. You do need to buy a very expensive cage. Plastic cages are very expensive and they may not fit in the price range you are comfortable with. If you have a budget, then you can check the hamster cages for sale. This may reduce the amount of money you use to buy a cage.


  • Expandable and Easy to Clean


You should ensure that your cage has room to expand in the case that they procreate. This will help you create more room for your hamsters and prevent overcrowding. The cage should also be easy to clean to ensure that you do not dirt in the cage and it will be less tedious.


  • Ventilation


Poor ventilation can lead to a buildup of ammonia that may make your hamster sick. Buy a cage that has good ventilation to prevent your hamsters from illness.

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