101 in 1001

List started on September 9, 2014
List to end June 6, 2017

1. take a picnic with my husband and daughter
2. teach my daughter to sing the Minnesota Rouser
3. eat at the kitchen table for one month straight
4. Celebrate Ellis’s 14th birthday on day 1001
5. Go to a concert in the park
6. Go to a movie in the park
7. Have family night one night a week
8. sign my daughter up for coach pitch t-ball & beyond
9. sign my daughter up for hockey
10. spend one night a month tech-free
11. spend one night a month looking at stars thru the telescope as a family
12. go to the DMNS one day a month as a family

13. Hit my goal weight (155)
14. Maintain my goal weight for six months
15. Work out 3 days a week for a month
16. Donate blood
17. Run a mile
18. Walk a mile a day for a month
19. Climb a 14er
20. Practice yoga at least once a week
21. run a 5K
22. no pop for 3 months
23. no TV for a week
24. no fast food for 3 months
25. do 4 5Ks a year
26. do Whole30 at least once
27. no alcohol for one month each year

28. take the train to the top of Pikes Peak
29. get a passport
30. take a road trip to California
31. spend a few days at a lake in Minnesota
32. See the A’s play in Oakland
33. spend a weekend in the mountains once a year
34. go to Minnesota yearly
35. go to Kansas City yearly for baseball


Fun and Games

50. Read 5 books a year
51. Go to a trivia night at a Denver bar

53. Go to a summer concert at a park
54. make a snowman

56. get one more tattoo
57. play softball
58. see 3 movies in the theater
59. see a play/musical
60. have dinner on a restaurant patio
61. fly a kite
62. bake an apple pie

64. Dress up for Halloween

70. Attend another blog conference
71. hit some balls in a cage
72. go to 10 new (to us) local restaurants – 2/10

74. learn to use my DSLR well

76. go to two ballparks other than Colorado and Minnesota

79. do something fun for our anniversary

80. finish our basement
81. have our living room painted
82. make our back yard presentable
83. clean my closet

85. keep off the internet for 3 consecutive days
86. Make my bed every day for a month
87. Volunteer
88. go to church
89. pay for the person behind me in the drive thru
90. paint our bathroom

95. cook dinner 2 nights a week
96. buy produce only from Farmer’s Markets one entire summer

98. make my grandma’s pancake recipe
99. keep a flower box on our front porch alive all summer
100. go two consecutive weeks without sweets
101. start another 101 in 1001 when this is done.


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